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Welcome to the Mighty Get Started page. Please read the sections on this page carefully. We want you to have a pain-free setup. If you ever have any questions, you can visit our Support Center or Contact Us. We're ready to help.
Read before you get started
Following the detailed setup process in the Mighty Audio App, and understanding what your Mighty is doing are two key steps to becoming a happy Mighty users. Here are some quick tips to know before you get started.
Boot up time
Mighty takes 30 seconds to boot up. The LED will be solid green during boot up and will blink white (if plugged into a charger) or green (if not plugged into a charger) once Mighty is ready for playback.
Solid green - powering on
Blinking green - on
Solid white - fully charged
Blinking white - charging
Connecting Bluetooth head phones and speakers
To pair headphones or a speaker for the first time, connect Mighty to the app and follow the instructions on the Connections tab.
Power Mighty on. The LED will be solid green.
After 30 seconds, the LED will blink green
Power on headphones or speaker. You will hear a chine through your headphones or speaker once the connection has been made.
For more information, visit our Listening with Bluetooth support page.
Battery life
Mighty can play music continuously for up to 5 hours on a full charge. Note that using WiFi to sync playlists and Bluetooth to connect headphones/speakers will use more power. To get the most of your battery life, we we recommend having your Mighty plugged in when synching playlists. Additionally, if you are going on a long run/ride/outing you may want to use wired headphones to maximize your battery life.
Setup Video
Step-by-Step Setup Guide
Plug in your Mighty
Leave Mighty plugged in during setup.
Solid green - powering on
Blinking green - on
Solid white - fully charged
Blinking white - charging
Install the mobile app.
Search for "Mighty Audio" in the App Store or Google Play Store and follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions. Those instructions are also listed below in steps 3-6:
Connect Mighty to the app
Make sure Mighty is connected to the charging cable and powered on with the LED showing white or blinking green (see LED guide below).
Open the app, then login or create an account
Mighty's name will appear in the Bluetooth section of the Connections screen.
Tap the + button next to Mighty's name, then press the play button on Mighty when the LED flashes blue.
Blue -waiting to pair (press Play)
Connect Mighty to WiFi
All local WiFi networks will be displayed.
Tap the + button next to the name of your WiFi network.
Enter your WiFi network password and tap OK.
Select a music service
Select the music service of your choice and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to your account.
Sync playlists and podcasts
Go to the Browse section to view your playlists and podscasts.
Tap the + button next to the playlist or podcast that you want to sync to Mighty.
(Tap the pink checkmark to deselect.)
The "Sync Now" button will turn pink if one or more playlists or podcasts are selected.
Tap the "Sync Now" button to start the sync process.
Get to Know Your Mighty
Power - turn on:
  • Tap the "play / pause / power " button once.
  • The LED will turn a solid green.
  • After about 25 seconds, Mighty is ready for playback.
  • Once ready, Mighty's LED will show white if plugged into the charger or blinking green if not plugged into the charger.
Power - turn off:
  • Press and hold the "play / pause / power " button for 4 seconds to power off.
  • Mighty's LED will turn orange to indicate that it's powering off.
Playlist & Shuffle button:
  • Playlist switching - tap the "playlist / shuffle" button to toggle through your playlists.
  • Shuffle songs in a playlist - press and hold the "playlist / shuffle" button for 3 seconds to toggle on/off.
LED Guide
LED Guide:
Charging - blinking white
Fully charged -solid white
Powering on - solid green
On - blinking green
Low battery - blinking orange
Powering off - solid orange
Waiting to pair (press Play) - blue
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